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Personalized method


Classic, Traditional, "Flamenca"

We have a special course for those who want to learn to play quickly with just the necessary language training and music theory. We started learning basic chords and beats and apply them immediately to popular songs or radio hits.  Music theory and reading are tought with the same songs and we´ll do practical exercises to work the independence of fingers, agility and posture. For advanced students, we have classes with the possibility of emphasis on flamenco and/or latin music.


Classic, Traditional, "Tumbaos" for salsa


You can choose between the wonderful traditional and classic approach, or a different approach to the piano (emphasis on latin rhythms). If you want to learn this instrument in an untraditional manner this is your class. We learn music theory, harmony and the exercises are taught according to the approach of each student. If you already play and want to get in the field of tumbaos, you are also welcome!




World music, french, italian, catalan, colombian

The best option for people anywhere in the world who want to learn this amazing, practical and complete instrument. Emphasis on different genres: Cumbias, vallenato, tango, French, Catalan, Balkan music, etc. Practical and simple explanations, along with personalized instruction ensures that you will learn and will have fun in the process. Want to learn a song in particular? Of course ! You choose the repertoire.